Monday, October 23, 2017

Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit Costume

It's been quite a busy but fun weekend. I managed to pull this White Rabbit costume together in one day, just in time for our church's annual Halloween party. This costume is the most challenging one that I've done.

To begin with, DD picked out this diamond print instead of the allover heart print. I bought the amount of fabric the pattern called for with a little extra to match the diamonds. I laid the pattern onto the fabric and it didn't fit the width that I needed to cut on the fold. It called for 45" wide fabric and you have to cut four on fold. I ended up having to go back to the store and buy 2 1/2 yards so it was enough for me to cut eight pieces since the fabric was not wide enough to cut on the fold. Matching the pattern wasn't so hard. I also added an extra 1/4" for each piece to help makeup for the seam allowance. 

The skirt did not have instructions for the hem so I serged the edges to give it a finish look. The tulles that I used for the ruffles was a bit of a challenge since it was so delicate and I had to gather it and the patterns do not have tips for this one. I divided the skirt into eight sections and pulled the gathering threads from each each section of the tulle to fit the wide of the skirt. I don't recall the instructions for the ribbon or the placement of it. I gauged where it should go and sewed it on.

The button and chain details were super easy to put on. I used thread to mark the button placement. I wasn't thinking about how to attach the chains because there were no instructions or guide for that. It was really late when I was finishing up the details so instead of opening up the links to attach it to the button shank, I hot glued the chains onto the backside of the buttons and sewed them onto the dress.

The dress called for an invisible zipper which I don't have a problem with putting on. I like it better than regular zippers, because it gives your garment a nice finishing touch. The pleats help to pull up the bottom of the dress on the back to expose the underskirt and adds some nice details to the back.

Here is DD wearing her costume at  the Halloween party. Notice the bow? I forgot to make it when I was taking the photos on the dressform. I went to get some errands done and came home to whip up the bow and attach it to the dress before the party. She had a white wig and white rabbit ears but only ended up wearing the rabbit ears. She also didn't want the ruffled collar and hearts so I left those out. This is it for my sewing weekend. 

Happy Halloween!!!

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Anonymous said...

That is adorable--you have added some great details that really make the costume special.

sandi s said...

Your costume is fabulous!!! I love it! Hugs,

Jenny said...

What a great Mum you are!!! And your daughter looks gorgeous in her new costume.

Ramona said...

Such a fun costume! You did a great job.

Rebecca said...

Well yes I can see how it would take up a whole sewing weekend. Very nice lady