Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Craftsy Dot to Dot Quilting

 Over the weekend I had the opportunity to watch Angela Walter's Dot to Dot Quilting class on Craftsy. I was wanting to get a better idea of how to quilt certain shapes and overcome my fear of rulers. I tried rulers and let's just say, I need more practice.

In this class, Angela made it so easy to create so many amazing geometric shapes. I really love the fact that there were no marking needed to quilt these shapes. I had a hard time removing the dreaded blue mark b-gone pen when I used it on white for a clothing assignment and never touched it again, so anything that doesn't require marking is perfect for me. Can you imagine working so hard on your quilt just to have it ruined by your marking tool. I know there are marking tools out there that works but I have not tried it.

Here's the overview of the class:

1. Dot to Dot  Quilting overview.
2. Triangles: Learning how to create triangle wedges and arrowheads.

3. Squares:  Build on the designs you learned in the previous lesson with three more motifs that are perfect for square blocks, the most common shape in quilting. Watch as Angela reveals the square spiral, double V and double diamond designs.

4. Diamonds and Hexagons: Quilt diamonds and hexagons as Angela shares three designs and variations: the spin wheels, alternating V's and tumbling diamonds.
5. Uniquely shaped blocks: Discover three ways to quilt uniquely shaped blocks such as polygons. 

6. Borders and Corners:  In this lesson, see how to quilt designs in areas with more negative space. Plus learn three ways to turn the corner without losing your design flow.

7. Dot to Dot Around the Block: Think outside the piecing and find out how to use dot-to-dot designs in any style of quilt. Angela demonstrates how to use the quilting to frame blocks, create secondary patterns and use wedge shapes as fillers to quickly quilt any space efficiently.



Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

That is a beautiful wall hanging Kim!

Kim said...

Hi Sandie, That quilt sure is beautiful. Wish it was mine and wish I can quilt like that :) Need to go and practice.

tealeafquilts said...

I watched also and it was a great class. I recently took a class from Handiquilter and the Dot to Dot Quilting book was recommended. Angela reinforced the techniques taught. I'm wondering if Angela has bought the rights to use Dot to Dot Quilting as it is an older book. Definitely enjoyed that class.