Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How To Align Quilt Sashing

As I was working on the past couple of quilts, they both call for sashing strips to be attached to the many rows to form the quilt top. It reminded me that I needed to make sure to keep the rows that have the vertical sashing strips in line with each other as I connect the horizontal sashing strips to them.
This Ferris Wheel quilt not only did I need to line up the previous row of vertical sashing but I also had to line up the vertical seams in the quilt blocks. I have created a short video to show you how I aligned the sashing on all of my quilts that requires sashing strips.
Please pardon my hesitations on the video. It's easier to put things together but a bit harder for me to try and explain how I do it. You can see the video below or on my youtube channel.

Pattern and Fabric Info:
Purple Quilt: Aurifil's BOM / Fabric: Various Designers
Ferris Wheel: Fig Tree and Co. / Fabric: Free Spirit Dena Designs London Collection


Jeanna said...

This is great, Kim. I've not seen that technique before and have a couple of quilts in the works that will require sashing. Thanks for sharing!

Anthea said...

I'll be checking out those videos for sure Kim... I could always do with some new learning when it comes to patchworking & quilt-making!

Unknown said...

Thanks, new to quilting and this is just what I needed.