Thursday, March 23, 2017

WIP Wednesday

It's been a while since I've done a work in progress on Wednesday. Since I had to throw all the fabrics I had already cut away because of a mishap in the middle of the night. I bought some new Kona Cotton solids and started cutting into it so I can get started on my Postcard From Sweden QAL. 

 Since I had to re-cut everything, I went ahead and cut the squares into triangles so I can just sew away. I don't plan on trimming the half square triangles once I am done with the sewing. I am making a king size quilt so eliminating the trimming would make this go much faster just as long as I make sure my seam allowance is accurate.
As I was cutting the fabrics I realized I didn't buy enough. I will have to go and buy at least twelve more colors in one third yard increments. This is when I really wish Beverly's has a sale on their Kona cottons. I am going to start sewing these until I get to the store tomorrow for some more fabrics.

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Jeanna said...

Very pretty and bright colors. Good luck finding more :)