Thursday, November 17, 2016

Scrappy Quilting

There's been a lot of scrapbusting going on around here lately. As much as we've been using up scraps, it seems there's more coming out of the woodwork. My daughter had a 3-D stuffy that had to be done for her school project with a minimum 36" tall requirement. She decided to go with a Coke theme. At first she pulled out all of my red and white scraps and put this top together.

After she had it all pieced she was supposed to lay the pattern her professor helped her drew up. She couldn't get herself to cut the quilt top up so the second plan was to make a green Coke. Back to the scraps she went and started sewing the new quilt top together. During the sewing process we have this sweet little kitten we just rescued a couple of weeks ago who kept laying on the quilt and going to sleep. If you've been following along with me on Instagram you know this sweet baby loves quilts. My daughter had to work around her because with a sweet face like this who could disturb her slumber.

The quilt top was finally done so I started helping her laid out the pattern pieces and I had to add the seam allowance and re-draw the circles for the top and bottom. We stayed up really late, to get it done. It all worked out really well and she got a 160/160 possible points. She's going to take the top off and put some more filling in it to make it more of a stuffed animal type because her professor wanted everyone's projects to be super squishy. I created the Coke logo with my cutting machine and used heat transfer vinyl to place it onto the fabrics. 
Well, Thanksgiving is next week. Can you believe that?! My family and I will have some down time and I will get to do a lot of sewing. YIPPEE!!! 

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Jeanna said...

Your daughter is proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You both did an amazing job on the school project. Such a display of genius! I love the photo of the new kitty, I couldn't have disturbed it either.