Sunday, August 14, 2016

Skirts For Charity

This is my final skirt count for Skirting the Issue. I made a total of 8 skirts. These fabrics were all from my stash. I am so happy to use up fabric for a great cause.

This batik print has a beautiful gold metallic overlay. Love the combination of pinks and purples.

This is also a batik print with the gold metallics allover. This is my girl's favorite with the multi-color.

This one has sprigs and bought so long ago can't remember who made it.

I had enough smaller pieces to make a straight skirt with this multi-color print.

This print I believe was from a Debbie Mumm collection. I've been using this fabric here and there and had enough to make this skirt. Just a little bit of scraps left for small sewing samples I need to do in a few weeks. This sure was fun to make. I hope the recipients enjoy them.

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Jeanna said...

Adorable skirts. Those fabrics are beautiful. I'm sure the recipients will LOVE them.