Saturday, August 13, 2016

Skirts For A Cause

Hello! Today instead of quilting I decided to pull out fabrics in my stash to do some charity sewing. I just needed a little push from the awesome gals over at Simple Simon and Co to get going. I made sure to use up as much of each print I pulled as I can. These are really basic skirts and easy to put together. I cut enough for eight skirts. I managed to make two of these skirts with one yard of fabric. These skirts are all size 4. 

I was showing them to my kids and we were laughing about it because we couldn't believe how tiny they are. The size alone makes it so cute to look at. Sewing these makes me want to keep making clothes for little kids. It was so fun. I hope that these will be loved by whoever gets them.

Have a wonderful day! I will be busy sewing the remaining five already cut and waiting for me.


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Carol S. said...

Those are so cute!