Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fabric Baskets

These baskets are a snap to put together. I decided on how big I would like to make them and did a sample on muslin to make sure I got it right. These are a good size for organizing fabrics or sewing supplies. I love these prints from Dena Designs London collection paired with solids.

I made sure the baskets are sturdy to be able to stand up on their own, because there's nothing like a flimsy basket that doesn't hold up to what it's intended for. I forgot to take the picture of the crochet infinity scarf in the basket. The scarf went along with the Santa Sack Swap for my partner.

As I looked at these baskets the morning after, I thought boy, it looks like I'm making baby boy and girl baskets. I hope my partner will be able to put these baskets to good use.


Malinda said...

Lovely! The prints are beautiful and they look so nice with the coordinating solids. What did you use for batting?

Jeanna said...

Lovely sacks. Did you put anything special in them to make them more sturdy?

Missy Shay said...

Your baskets turned out very pretty!

Nazeema Calypso Thompson said...

These are awesome!!!! I love the colors and the prints!!!