Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sewing and Kittens

I can't believe September is here. I am looking forward to cooler weather and more time to sew now that everyone is back in school. I am going to make this shirt with a sleeve placket that I've never done before. It's always fun to do something new and to challenge myself. It seems easy enough looking at the pattern pieces.

In other news, I've shown photos of these adorable kittens before. We let them go back to their mama but then one day she brought them around again and we were able to hold and cuddle them for a while. They don't go far from our yard because they know where the food is. They are just the cutest little things. I wish we could keep them but we just can't. We don't have the room and time to take care of them all. These calicos are my absolute favorite.

These kittens love quilts too. They're all snug as a bug sleeping away. 

These eyes just melts your heart. So so cute!

This little one is his mama's favorite and he's bigger than all of them. We could just sit all day and hold them. They're such a distraction :-)


sunny said...

OMG! I want all those kitties! I just love calicos. Sadly, I'm at my limit right now. Oh so adorable.....

Jeanna said...

Such cute kitties! It's fun how the mommy brings them to you.

I love the fabric you have selected for your shirt, can't wait to see it finished!