Friday, August 7, 2015


Time is just flying by. Me being busy with school and obligated sewing didn't leave much time for quilting and garment sewing. The school year ended and I was able to get some sewing done. The rest of the time was spent with my family enjoying the Summer weather and hanging out at the beach. 

I am so grateful to being living in a place where the weather is good year round and there are so many beautiful beaches within driving distance.  There is something so calm and soothing at the beach. I love watching my family play in the water. Taking lots and lots of photos for memory keeping.

Boogie boards and kite flying are our favorite things to do. There are so many seashells and sand dollars to collect. They're littered along the beach.

We only pick up the sand dollars that are dead. The purple one below would normally be put back but it's dead. The fuzzy part on the bottom is almost dried out so it was going home with us.

Summer photos wouldn't be complete without a photo of Duchess. She has been having a hard time with the addition of a new kitty we rescued earlier this year. She's been staying in our daughters' bedroom and only come out to eat. This photo of Duchess was taken a few days ago when she finally started coming out and laying on one of the dining room chairs. She's just so pretty.

This is our new fur baby, Ollie. He reminds me of our calico that passed away. He has the same facial features and hair like her. He's so adorable and loving except to Duchess. Poor Duchess. Hoping they can get along soon. This is our last cat. I know we've said it before but truly Ollie is our last one.

This bundle of cuteness happened yesterday. They're back with their mama so all is well. Our kids got to play with them for a while and that was enough. We can't take in anymore fur babies. I just love that adorable calico on the bottom left. We don't have room and time to care for more then we have.

That's a bit of catching up on what I've been up to. Hoping you're all having a wonderful Summer.
School starts again in a couple of weeks. I hope to get back to sewing and sharing once school starts. I will probably have a couple of hours here and their alone to sew and get some work done.

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Jeanna said...

Beautiful photos. I'm happy to see you all are having a great summer and making wonderful memories.