Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WIP...Child's Dress

This dress was a LOOONG WIP because I had to show various finishing techniques on the inside of the dress. The finishing had a Hong Kong finish, blind hem, serged edges and many other kinds of finishes. The Hong Kong finish was a new technique that I've never even heard of but I think it will come in handy for some projects I have in mind. 

As you can see the dress needed to have gathers and a Peter Pan collar. I do love the gathered look especially for a child's dress and its nice to have a contrasting collar. I am so glad this dress is done. Now I can move on to make  things for me.

Fresh Poppy Design


Jeanna said...

Congratulations Kim. The dress is beautiful. I've never heard of some of the finishes you had to use...maybe I better steer clear of garment sewing.

Can't wait to see what you make next.

Lyndsey said...

Great work. That is such a pretty dress, it has me wishing my girls were small again. I'm going to have to find out about a Hong Kong finish as I've never come across that before.

Lucy said...

Lovely job finishing this sweet dress!

momquilter said...

You did such a fantastic job on this dress! It is so beautiful. Can I get the pattern number? Are you taking a class?