Sunday, February 1, 2015

Small Churn Dash Quilt

I've been busy with school and family lately so everything is just sneaking up on me. I posted this on my IG page but forgot to share it here last Wednesday for my WIP post. I miscalculated how many churn dash I needed for my large quilt top and ended up with four extra blocks. How convenient of a number is that? I started to put the blocks together to make a small quilt with it.

It's a really simple layout but makes it quick to complete. I am still trying to decide if I should add borders to make it a bit bigger for a good size baby quilt. Got any suggestions?


Missy Shay said...

Maybe a pinwheel border? Or a four batch border if you want something quicker, I would definitely make it big enough to be used as a throw or baby quilt though.

Sandra Walker said...

If it's going to be for sale, I'd put a plain border on it to frame it with white cornerstones. If it's a gift, I'd do a triple stripe border, probably still with cornerstones, or 9-patches that pop by reversing the stripe order. eg stripe is 2 reds sandwiching a white, and the 9-patches would have the 2 whites in the outside corners, for a total of 5 squares of the 9 in white. On another topic, I have made your strippy charm pouch 3 times, all 3 as gifts, all 3 much loved (still haven't made one for myself yet!). Clearly, I love your pattern. My question is that I have designed a makeup pouch and (intake of breath) submitted it to Moda. I know you can submit a previously made project, but my question is can I post the pouch on my blog before (if) it's accepted? I'm not posting a tutorial, just a short write-up with a few pics because it's a Finish Along goal and a scrap project. Thanks

Anthea said...

Kim, I'm no help with the border question, but boy I can't wait to see the big Churn Dash quilt... CDs are among my fave blocks!