Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Stockings

This year my goal was to make new stockings for my family. I was on a roll then I got sentimental about our old ones so I didn't finish them until after Christmas. They will definitely be used for next year for sure. 

I will make initial tags for each stocking so everyone knows which stocking is theirs. This one is a pre-printed stocking from Kate Spain's In From the Cold collection. I did some cross-hatching for the quilting. I did not follow the instructions that it came with. I added the cuff, hanging loop, and lining. 

These stockings were from the leftover pieces of the tree skirt that I recently made. I cut the strips as best I can and stitched them together. I used my sewing machine's embroidery stitches for the quilting. These stockings are also lined. These are now hanging up so I can get used to them for next year.


Jeanna said...

Pretty stockings. I know what you mean about getting sentimental over the old stockings...that is exactly why we don't have new ones.

Missy Shay said...

I get sentimental about our old stockings too. I am going to make new stockings for everyone this year.