Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Dress

While we went on a short trip out of town in November my girls and I went shopping and stopped by Joann's to look around. DD saw this beautiful knit fabric that she really wanted me to make a dress out of for her.

She decided on the pattern she wanted and it took me a month to finish. Not because it was hard to make. I just didn't have time. After Christmas, I sat down and made a muslin sample and got to working on cutting up the real thing. I really try to avoid stripe fabrics so it took a bit of time for me to match up the stripes before cutting. I really didn't want to make a mistake cutting because this fabric was SO expensive, try $20 per yard and that was the sale price. I have never spent that much on fabric before but it was well worth it to see DD so happy when the dress was done.

She likes the dress a bit longer than the pattern called for and also a bit loose. She loves a loose fit.

This is the back view.

Nice large pockets on the front.


Jeanna said...

Wow Kim! You did a great job. Your DD looks adorable in her new dress.

Happy New Year!

Anthea said...

Hi Kim - wow wow wow! - you did a fab job & you daughter looks so effortlessly fashionable & 'hip' - well done!

Happy 2015! x