Sunday, September 7, 2014

ALYOF September's Goal

I almost forgot about this month's ALYOF goal. It's been crazy busy here with everyone back to school. I have to plan my days carefully to be able to accomplish the tasks that needs to be done. The weekends I get a little breather so I try to catchup on my crafty projects. I had totally forgotten about this small Christmas  quilt until I was going through my drawers one day and there it was all folded nice and neat. 

 I can't even remember what the pattern's name is and designer. It's been such a long time. Maybe it's a Schnibbles pattern. I do remember that I was wanting to use up some Christmas fabrics that I bought for a craft project. There are some green pieces that have faded because the fabrics I bought for my craft projects weren't of the best quality. Lesson learned, no matter what buy the best. It will last longer.

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Jeanna said...

Very pretty the fabrics.