Monday, August 18, 2014

Ugly Quilt Complete

I was on a time crunch to finish my ugly quilt since a friend wanted it even though I kept saying it was ugly. Sure glad it's going to a good home though.
This also completes my August ALYOF and FAL 3rd quarter goals. 

 It was a bit small with just the tumbler blocks put together. I found some more fabrics from my stash that I've outgrown and added a couple of borders to enlarge the quilt.

My quilting machine was having a bit of a hiccup and I couldn't quilt what I planned so I just did random lines back and forth.

I bought some Glide thread at my LQS and had to adjust the tension from the normal threads that I've been using. I love the Glide thread. It quilts really nice once I had the tension just right. I used the leftover fabric pieces for the backing.

This is another view of the finished quilt. I sure wish my yard has grass like this. It's so dry and dead with all the drought issues in CA.

If you have time join the ladies for ALYOF and FAL. This sure helped me to finish my UFOs. 

Is anyone having a problem with Google kicking back comments left using your Yahoo e-mail? There are a lot of people that I have left comments for that was returned undeliverable. I can't figure out what's going on all of a sudden.


Carol S. said...

I wouldn't call this quilt ugly at all. It's actually kind of cheery looking and your quilting looks great. Yes, I've had trouble with Yahoo and AOL. I've had people leave comments that I don't notice because they don't get sent to my email or they bounce back returned when I reply. It has something to do with SPAM software that was added. Annoying!

Jeanna said...

Hi Kim. This is a cute, happy quilt. I love the back and forth lines you quilted on it, that pattern works well with the tumbler blocks. Super fun colors.

Lin said...

This is a fun quilt and definitely not ugly! There is some interesting shading in some of the fabric and it all works very well. Glad it's going somewhere to be appreciated. xx

Missy Shay said...

I don't think your quilt is ugly, I think it turned out great and I know your friend is thrilled!

Michelle @ From Bolt to Beauty said...

I've been meaning to try my hand at a tumbler quilt, and I'm glad you didn't give up on yours. I recently made a quilt and wasn't sure that I liked it, that it was "me" enough. But that's the beauty of creating something and gifting it: what may not be your ideal quilt could be the perfect one for someone else.

Katy Cameron said...

Oh wow, that's, um..., well I'm glad your friend loved it! Congrats on your finishes :o)