Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ugly Quilt

I laid some fabrics out to determine which is the best choice for the border of this ugly quilt. BTW...I call it the ugly quilt because it was a part of an ugly fabric swap I did a long time ago. I am thinking the print on the far left is it, plus there's enough to go around the quilt. The other two prints in the center will have to go on the back to be included in the pieced backing. 

This is my attempt at finishing this ugly quilt by using fabrics from my stash. I have outgrown these fabrics years ago. These days I love fabrics that are fun and more retro/modern or vintage happy ones.


Jeneta said...

I have it in my head to make an ugly quilt too. Some of the fabrics in my stash I inherited and they are just not at all appealing to me (I dislike them immensely!). I don't know if I will use them or pass them on to someone else. At the very least I will use the fabrics I just don't love anymore. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished quilt!

tealeafquilts said...

That certainly is ugly! I'm sure you are glad to be done with it. Charity quilt in my book.

Terry said...

It is hard to use fabric you've outgrown. I've been donating my older fabric to project Linus. The local chapter has ladies who love to make quilts but they can't afford the fabric. So this works out for everyone! :0)