Tuesday, July 8, 2014

FAL Quarter 3 Goals

I am going to really get my UFOs done so I am linking up with Katy at The Littlest Thistle to commit myself to finishing. Lets just say that I have outgrown all of these fabrics but I must finish what I started.
First up is my Sandbox quilt that was also this month's ALYOF goal. I would like to quilt and bind it.

Second is my scrappy table runner. It's been sitting for a few years so now it's time to quilt and bind it. This table runner came about because as I was finishing up the Leftover quilt top, there were some pieces left. I decided to use it up and it was large enough for a table runner.

Third is my scrappy tumbler quilt. This quilt came about because I joined an ugly fabric swap group. We had to make something out of the fabrics that our partner didn't want anymore and these were the fabrics that I received. I would also like to quilt and bind it. I haven't decided if I will add a border to it or not. Either way my goal is to finish it.

I plan on doing some simple freehand quilting to get these quilt tops done. Nothing like knocking off some UFOs :-)


Jeanna said...

You go girl, LOL. I look forward to seeing these finishes.

Linda in Calif. said...

The ugly fabric quilt sure turned out nice. I love the colors. It's very balanced you did a great job on the placement. Good luck with your 3 UFO's.