Friday, June 20, 2014


Our church's Young Women's group were making pjs and since there's not a lot of time at our daughter's activity, she brought her cut out pieces home to have me help her sew. They went shopping for fabric and let the girls choose the ones they would like, and this was the print she came home with. It's a brown and cream damask print from Joann's.

We chose a day to work on it. Our daughter has sewn with me before so it's just guiding her step-by-step to put the pants together. This daughter of ours is fearless when it comes to making clothing. She will sit in my sewing area and cut up her clothes to alter them without asking me. Here recent alteration was turning her regular jeans into skinny jeans. She did a great job without my help. 

Here she is, sewing and pinning away. There was quite a bit of pins that she used, because she wanted to make sure to keep the raw edges together. 

This is the finished pj pants. We kept the pant legs long so it doesn't ride up too much when sitting down. It fits quite nicely on her. Can you tell, she loves Hello Kitty :-)

As I was taking her pictures, I asked her to do a little pose so we can at least see some movement and she was pretty good about it. I can see her sewing a lot of things for herself as she gets older. It makes me sew happy to see her getting back into sewing again. Next up we will be making another corset for Halloween. She busted the other one.


tealeafquilts said...

I'm sew happy for you that your daughter is enthused about sewing! I was about her age when I sat down to make clothing for my my dolls and on to myself! She'll have that skill all her life!

Missy Shay said...

What a great feeling to know that you have passed on your passion to your daughter!