Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What A Mess...

It was a mess alright. I did not finish my AYOLF or FAL goals for March because of this mess of a quilt. For the first time ever in all my years of quilting, I am getting rid of this quilt and not finishing it. I thought it was such a great deal to buy the flannels at Joann's because it was such a great sale. I had already had massive shrinkage problems with the other quilt I made and these were left over from all the fabrics I had to buy to finish the star quilt. This one was a wonky when I was trying to quilt it and it got even worse as I got to the end.

 The top and bottom was all stretched that I couldn't even selvage it. I've never had any problems with the flannels I bought at the quilt shop and I've done straight line sewing with them before. Lesson learned, less expensive is not better. Stick to good quality flannel from now on.
On a happier note, my family and I did finish painting some of the walls in our home. The blue is not showing up as nicely in the picture. It's an aqua blue color. I'm debating on whether I should have the creamy color painted over with white to brighten things up a bit. This little corner is my sewing area. I am thinking of making some mini quilts to put up. There are a couple of spots left that  I could fit something small on.

I am trying to gather up some energy to get some sewing done. I would love to make some pillows to add color to our couch and sew some simple sheer white curtains. Wish me luck :-D


Jeanna said...

Lovely wall colors Kim. I've never sewn with flannel so I have no idea what that is about.

Good luck finishing your projects!

tealeafquilts said...

Maybe you could cut up your quilt into burp clothes or small 12" pieces for a baby to hold on to. At least it wouldn't go in the trash.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow that flannel really stretched! Did you wash it first? Love your room colors~ so soothing. Have a happy day!