Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Aurifil BOM...Bear's Paw

I've had a really busy month and wasn't able to quilt as I would have liked. It is a good busy though. I received my Leftover quilt back from Sue but didn't get a chance to put the binding on. I will get that done in May for sure. I am so behind on all my sewing that for the next couple of weeks, that's all I will be doing to catch up. I managed to squeeze in time today to sew the Aurifil BOM blocks. 

 It didn't take me to long sew once I got all the pieces cut out. I used Aurifil's Mako 50 wt in white to piece my blocks. I am really loving how nice these threads sew. This block I made the bear's paw using purple with the white background.

This block I did the reverse, white paw and purple background. I am hoping that I will have enough of the confetti white fabric to complete the blocks for the rest of the year. These were from RJR Fabrics called Hint of Spring and has long been discontinued. I am off to prep fabrics to finish my Leftover quilt. 

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Anthea said...

Hi Kim, you know sometimes Time is not our friend... just be patient with yourself and enjoy what you do... your finishes will come with patience.