Monday, March 10, 2014

Aurifil March BOM

I sat down and finished my Aurifil BOM called Borders by Emily Herrick. I downloaded the pattern when it first went up on the Aurifil blog and started cutting away. As I was cutting I had a feeling that some of the measurements where off, but I didn't listen to myself. I continued cutting.

I then went to sew the blocks together and guess what? I was right. Some of the strips were 1/2" off. I then went to the Aurifil blog and looked at the instructions again to make sure and thank goodness the instructions for the block was updated.

I really like how quick and easy this block went together. I was so happy I saved my 1 1/2" strips because it came in really handy for this block. As in previous months, I am making two of each block to make a large quilt.
If you would like to join in Aurifil's BOM, there's plenty of time to get it done since the instructions are posted on the Aurifil blog.


Jeanna said...

Great blocks, love the colors! Why do we ignore that inner voice? I do it all the time. I'm glad this worked out for you and you were able to use the strips in the next block.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful fabrics!!