Friday, February 14, 2014

Time To Let Go...

It is time to let go of these quilts. I need room for larger quilts. These quilts have been made and lovingly stored away in my linen cabinet. These have all been machine quilted. Some have been pre-washed then stored away. Please e-mail me at lilypatchquilts at yahoo dot com or leave a comment if you would like to buy these. They need a good home.

Stack-n-Whack Quilt $260 includes shipping
Size: 52" x 72"

Great Granny Quilt $160 includes shipping
Size: 44" square

Trip Around the World Flannel Quilt $160 includes shipping

Hearts and Stars $175 includes shipping
Size: 52" square
This is my original design. 

Dresden Quilt $160 includes shipping
Size: 43" square


The Slow Quilter said...

All the quilts are lovely, if you do not get any buyers, try flee markets or even better, have a one women show were you can sale them. One of my Bee members have her quilts on display at a art gallery, were she is selling hers.

Anthea said...

Hi Kim - these are stunning creations, I'd love to buy one - but the postage costs would break my bank - I am sure you will find loving homes for all of them