Thursday, February 13, 2014

Open Air Market

Last weekend DD was wanting to go to an Open Air Market nearby so off we went. This market is fairly new, but there was entertainment and some vendors that caught my eye. These handmade organic lotions smell so good and feels wonderful on my hand. We bought some to take home.

 These are the lotions in the tin. You can buy them in coconut or peppermint. They both smell very nice.

Here's a view of the set up. A lot of these people come out to see friends and listen to a local band.

DD was checking out this vendor's booth. All these shampoos and lotions are all organic. They all smell so good, makes you want to buy some.

The London Bakery has the most delicious and moist scones that I've ever tasted. The owner is British and sells British baked goods. We did take home all three varieties of scones. 

These are lemon curd. Don't you love the label? 

It was a wonderful couple of hours spent with DD checking out something new. We will probably be back. DD's friend lives nearby so it's an opportunity for her to see her friend.


Anthea said...

Oh such lovely items there, I think local markets are great for finding some unusual and lovely things... what a great visit!

Missy Shay said...

I love open air markets, they are fun and a great way to support the people in their homemade products. Maybe you could set up a booth to sell some things!

Terry said...

It looks like it was a lovely day to be out! :0)