Friday, February 28, 2014

Monthly Goals Update

This month my goal for AYOLF  and FAL was to quilt and bind this flannel quilt. It's been raining since yesterday so I couldn't go outside to take a picture. I had to lay the quilt onto a white sheet for these photos and the sheet was not big enough. I might re-take the photos when the rain lets up. 
I sketched this pattern out to make this quilt. I don't have a name for it yet. I am sure I will as soon as the pattern is finished. 

I couldn't decide what pattern to quilt this with so I went the safe route and meandered it. It makes for a quick and easy quilting process. I was able to baste, quilt and bound it in one day, which was yesterday. I have had so much to do this month that I didn't have any time to quilt until this week and so many goals that I was wanting to complete this month. Which I am happy to say that I will finish today and post tomorrow that way I don't fall behind.

Here's a look at the backing. I used up pretty much every piece of flannel for this and my other quilt just to use it up so this quilt looks pretty scrappy. 
Now it's time to head on over to Shanna & Melissa's blog to see what others have finished this month.

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Sandy Panagos said...

That is a darling quilt. The colors are great. Congrats on your finish!