Monday, January 20, 2014

Halloween Hooded Cloak

As I was going through my blog and pinning my sewing projects to my Pinterest board so I have everything in one place to reference I remembered I had not shared this sewing project on this blog. I'll get back to the photo in just a bit. When I looked back at some  a lot of the pictures that I've taken over time for my blog I have to say that some of it was so bad. I was just pointing and shooting, didn't really play around with my camera to figure out all the settings. I know you can take very good pictures with a point and shoot camera but I was just happy taking pictures. Then one day my camera broke, replaced it, then it got stolen. A kind lady donated her extra one and that worked great until one day I splurged on a really good camera. I knew then that I had to really figure out how to use it and practice, practice, practice. I am still a long way from getting it right, but for now I am happy with my blog photos again.
Ok, back to this sewing project I did over Halloween last year for my daughter. She didn't want a whole new costume, just a cloak to add to her dress. She was wanting to wear her dress I made the previous year with a minor adjustment. We bought leather cording to replace the ribbons. 

The cloak  pattern we bought was Simplicity #5794. It required a lot of fabrics and I didn't want to spend too much money on it so I nixed the lining fabric. On the hood portion, I had so much fabric leftover from the actual pattern that I used the fabric to line the hood. I really liked how nicely it looked.

As you can see there's the capelet attached to the main portion of the cloak. The pattern called for two capelets, I skipped that one too because DD had this style in mind without the additional capelet. This was one of the easiest clothing patterns I have used in a long time. I whipped it up in a couple of hours because of all the edges I had to finish. I believe DD is going to use it for some other events coming up this year.

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Missy Shay said...

It turned out great! I love the colors. You have a very beautiful daughter!