Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's Up Wed.

I was doing a photo shoot for some crafty items and this little one came out and just laid nearby watching me. We think this kitten is a female. They've grown quite a bit since I started feeding the mama cat. Let's just say this family of cats shall remain nameless because I can't handle having more pets. It's very hard when we lose them to illness or old age. The last one that passed away was really tough on me so no more new kitties as pets. I enjoy watching these kitties play in our backyard but that's it. We make sure they always have food, but when the food is all gone, they would all sit right next to our side door and wait. We know they want food whenever that happens. Rarely happens, but once in a while rushing out the door early in the morning, somebody forgets to put food out.

Well, after I finished my photo shoot, I pointed my camera at this little one and that was it. She started posing for me. Look at that face. So cute! 

 Then she turned sideways.

 Looking at me again.

 She started stretching and moved into this curved position.

 Now I think she might be saying, aren't you done yet? 

It's been really hot here. There's been no machine quilting or sewing of any kind going on. Hopefully it will cool down soon. 


Jeanna said...

Hi Kim. I know what you mean about losing pets. We lost our last one almost 3 years ago and it still makes our heart hurt.

That little kitty certainly IS a poser...what fun.

Mona Pendleton said...

Awe, what sweet photos Kim! Our pets become our family members and it's so hard when they pass away. My two Westies are chronically ill, it's always one thing or another that I'm taking one of them to the vet for :( Hope you have a great weekend!