Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello Monday!!!

Hello There and Happy Monday!!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I went to watch Planes and Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters. I fell asleep through most of Planes, not because it wasn't good. I was just really tired from running around and lack of sleep. Percy Jackson was great, but if you ready the book as I have, it's been altered quite a bit from the book. Still a good movie. 
Since we've been having a heat wave and I've been trying to get my Memory Lane quilt finished it was quite a challenge. If I was able to get up really early in the morning then I would sit down and quilt for a few minutes before the heat gets to me. Sometimes I would stay up late to get some more quilting done. 

 Late last night, like around 12 am I went and into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. I decided I need some music so I grabbed the Phantom of the Opera movie and popped it into my computer and quilted while catching a glimpse of the movie here and there. By the time the movie was over I had just a teensy bit more to quilt. I played Phillip Phillips and finished it around 3 am. I am only showing you a little peak because I want to reveal everything after the binding is on. I think it's alot more fun that way.

Over the weekend I also went to m LQS because Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts was coming to do a presentation/trunk show. I have been following her blog for a while and loved her work so I didn't want to miss this presentation. I had every intention of going to buy her ruler. After the presentation and book signing, I asked a nice lady to take a picture of Julie and I but it's not on here because it was hazy and not focused. I've only had one person take a picture using my iphone or camera that turned out well. Maybe it's the idea of using another person's belongings that make people nervous so sad to say no pictures of Julie and I :-(

I really enjoyed Julie's presentation, it was very well thought out and she's one funny girl. You are not going to believe the two new patterns that she has coming out at Fall Quilt Market. She was so kind to show them to us. We all had to put our cameras/phones away before she brought them out. The quilts were gorgeous! All I can say is start collecting those solid prints. You'll need 16 fat quarters. You can take a peak of it here. Just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

I rarely buy patterns but all of Julie's patterns are so pretty. I picked this one up to take home with me. It looks to be a great challenge for me to make and I got it autographed! I am going to pick up some more when I have time to get some fun sewing in.

Have a wonderful day!

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Lin said...

Your quilt looks really pretty, that ruler looks very complicated!!