Monday, August 26, 2013

Quilting Photography

Hello There and Happy Monday! Our youngest went back to school today. I was going to get up and take a photo of him before he left for school but insomnia kicked in last night so I couldn't get up this morning to take a picture for his first day of school, but I did tell him I love him and went back to sleep for a little longer. I shall take his picture after school so it will still count as his first day of school. 
After much needed rest, I got up and remembered that Plum and June is doing a photography link up so off I went to grab some fabrics and did a bit of a photo shoot. 

When it comes to taking pictures, I always shoot in Manual Mode. I decide on what my ISO setting I would like to start with depending on if I'm indoors or outdoors then I tweak it a little and take about 3-4 photos after that. I haven't done any editing to these photos besides cropping them. 
This bright fat quarter bundle is by Malka Dubrawsky called Simple Marks Summer for Moda fabrics. As you can see it is very vibrant and for me it's a bit difficult to make sure I get the colors just right. I adjusted the settings to see what works best and go from there to get as close a match to the actual fabrics as I can. This photo was taken indoors in front of my sliding glass door with a bit of natural light coming in.

1/4s   f/5/0  ISO:200

This photo is done outside. The setting is pretty close to the above indoor photo.

1/125s  f/5.0   ISO:200

Done with a white background as the setting requires a bit of an adjustment on my camera. I have to be carefully not to change my settings too high or it will look all washed out.

1/320s  f/5.0  ISO:200

This Bali charm pack is mostly red. It is really challenging for me to take photos of anything red. I find that if I take photos early in the morning when it's still overcast I can get a pretty good picture and the red is pretty true to color. This one is taken outside underneath my patio.

1/800s  f/5.6  ISO:400

These Hometown fat quarters are by Sweetwater for Moda fabrics. I took this picture under my skylight. I started out with an ISO of 800 but that was a bit bright so I changed it to 400 and I think it works great for this photo.
1/20s  f/5.6  ISO:400

I went outside and placed these fat quarters on my red bench. I had to change up the settings a bit to balance the colors of the fabrics against the red bench.
1/1000s  f/5.0  ISO:400

As you can see from the backgrounds I used that the camera's settings need to be changed to compensate between a lighter and darker background.
1/400s  f/5.0  ISO:800

I hope you've enjoyed this workshop. I am not a professional photographer. I just love taking pictures and messing around with my camera. All together I took 19 photos with various camera settings. These were the best ones without editing. I try to do as little editing as possible. When I do need to edit, I use Picasa and I also type up my watermark in Picasa. I like Picasa because it's quick and simple to use.

On another note, I have a just a few more spots left for the Pretty Pouch Swap. Sign up ends this Friday, Aug. 30th. Hope you can join in. It will be lots of fun!


Jeanna said...

Your photos are wonderful Kim. I am a horrible photographer but would ok e to take a class.

Thanks for sharing your workshop.

Lorna McMahon said...

Wow! Your pictures are super, Kim! I like how you used your sewing machine in the photo to add interest. I don't like to edit my pictures other than cropping and water marking, using Picasa, too.

hydeeannsews said...

I really like how you showed the same stacks in different settings! this has been so fun to see everyone play around and share the results.

Mara said...

Lovely photos, admiring the wonderful bundles of fabric ;)

Beth said...

I know what you mean about photographing red fabrics - I also find orange to be challenging. I love your pic of the sweetwater with the sewing machine in the background. Thanks for joining in.

Melia Mae Quilting said...

I love the Sweetwater fabrics. I just love their fabric. Your pictures are just beautiful. I can't believe how different the pictures look with different backgrounds. I need to play with that a little bit more myself. What kind of camera do you have? I do wish I had a nicer camera so I can shoot it in manual mode, but I currently can't with the type that I have at least for what I can tell! Excellent post!

SharynB said...

You made me want to go out and buy all that fabric you have photographed!

Love all the pictures!
Love all the fabric!