Monday, August 12, 2013

Pretty Pouch Swap Sign Up

Pouch Swap Button photo prettypouchswapbutton_zps356c3567.png

I am going to go ahead with the pouch swap. I am going to name it "Pretty Pouch Swap." 
I hope you'll join in. This is going to be so much fun! Please grab the button and help spread the word.

As I mentioned in a previous post. You will know who your partner will be so you can contact each other to get to know one another better. I would like to have at least 20 people sign up. International swappers are welcome. I think it would be more fun to swap Internationally. 

Here are some guidelines to follow:

Please use only quilt shop quality materials (Joann's Premium Artist brands are ok). The pouch could be any size or style. All I ask is that you make something that you would be happy to receive.

If you have pets, please make sure there are no pet hair on your pouch before shipping.

Include local treats, goodies or anything you feel your partner would like. If mailing chocolate, keep in mind your partner's location. 

Swap Mail Out Deadline: October 1st
If you can't make the deadline, please let me know.

Signing Up: E-mail me at lilypatchquilts (at) yahoo (dot) com. Include your full name, mailing address, blog address and any food allergies. Indicate whether you would ship Internationally.


Missy Shay said...

I'm in the middle of moving, so I won't be able to participate this time, but it sounds like fun!

Jeanna said...

Oh Kim, this swap looks like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I cannot participate this time but I wish you lots of luck & fun with it.

I'll be watching for progress :)

Anthea said...

I'm looking forward to it Kim!! What a great idea