Monday, August 12, 2013

At The Beach

Hello Monday! We've been spending alot of time at the beach over the last few days. I am so sad Summer is coming to an end. It seems to have gone by too quickly. We love collecting seashells and sand dollars whenever we go. The sand dollars are littered along the beach. The live ones are a beautiful shade of purple which we would pick up and throw back into the ocean. 

Shortly before we were ready to leave the sunset was absolutely beautiful. I took some silhoutte photos of my family. This one is of our little guy. He keeps trying to photo bomb the pictures I take of our family. When I was getting ready to take this picture he says, "Wait, wait, I want to photo bomb the picture." He is skimboarding behind his sister. He's such a silly one. 

I miss taking nature photos especially the sunset. This was the perfect opportunity for me to take some. I am always in awe of how beautiful the setting sun can be. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful Summer!

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