Monday, June 3, 2013

Vintage Dress

Happy Monday! Whew, June has just started and we've been so busy. Over Memorial Day weekend our son and his Scout troop went to the swap meet to do their annual rummage sale. They did really well and it helped to pay for their Summer camp. Our family went to check it out and I wasn't going to buy anything but look at what I found.

Some lady was going through the clothing pile and didn't want this so I snapped it up for $1. This looks to me like a vintage wedding dress. What do you think? Let me know if you think it's vintage. I love the beautiful lace details and the train is beautiful. I figured for $1 it could go into our ever growing costume closet. Our DD modeled it for me to take these photos.
Anywho, this will be a really busy month for us with our DD graduating from high school, there's alot to be done. I am happy she is staying home to go to college. It will save us loads of money :-)
I'll be back later to post some more things and draw a winner for the CTTY prize.


Sinta Renee said...

I have a treasure that I picked up like that too... I am glad I did. I'm sure you are glad too.

Jeanna said...

I wouldn't know if it is vintage but it sure is quite a find!

Congrats to your DD for graduating, mine graduated last week. We are lucky too that she will be home for at least two years.

Good luck to the scouts :)

Cindy said...

For some reason, when I see this beautiful, light dress, I think "Karen Carpenter".
And, this is a pattern/design I can honestly say I've worn. Yes, I'm vintage too. LOL