Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Social Media Buttons and Schibbles WIP

Today has been a productive day so far. I cleaned up my sidebar and installed these social media icons. I got the icons from here. She's got a variety of colors to choose from. I then had to go and open up a photobucket account so I can upload the icons to create the link buttons. It was a bit frustrating at first trying to get the right code and troubleshooting, but once I got it in place everything worked out nicely. Now instead of all the images to go with all my social media pages, I've got these pretty turquoise buttons.

I also worked on my Schnibbles spool blocks for a little bit until I ran out of bobbin thread and didn't feel like filling the bobbin so maybe later I will finish these blocks. So far my shoulder is behaving. Hope it stays that way because I've got some serious sewing and a new pattern to work on.

This photo was from my instagram upload. It's so easy to just take a photo and share. I would love for you to follow me on instagram.

Enjoy your day!

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