Thursday, April 11, 2013

Redecorating In Progress

Last week I decided it was time to redecorate our home and everyone agreed. I just wanted our home to look brighter because right now it's kind of neutral with lots of browns. I like it but it's time for a change. So yesterday as I was re-doing my laptop case I realized I had a lot of fabrics left that has the colors that I would like to work with. I have to tell you I bought a ton of this collection (AGF Filigree) when my LQS (Cozy Quilts) put on a huge sale. They marked a ton of fabrics down to $2.99 per yard. I sure wish they would do that again. Anyways, this is the first project we are working on.

 We used the fabrics to re-cover our diningroom chairs. I didn't want them all to be the same so we mixed and matched all 6 chairs. The next thing we're going to do is try to paint the chairs and diningroom table. Slowly but surely we will have our home interior done.
BTW...our son asks why the chairs don't all match. I simply said because it's better mismatched ;-D

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Debbie S. said...

Sounds like your having fun. Love the chair cover colors.

Missy Shay said...

I like it mismatched too!

Ivy & Co said...

i love it... kids are so honest. sounds like something my daughter would say! found you at sew darn crafty!