Friday, February 8, 2013


Happy Friday! I am so happy to be able to sew a couple of things even though they are quick projects. I  am one of the young women leaders in my church and once a month my responsibility is to help these girls achieve one thing in their personal progress book. After I go over the lesson we do something fun. I thought it would be fun to teach them how to make these pillowcases. 

The hardest thing for me was trying to keep the prices down when I go shopping for fabrics. I knew I couldn't buy high quality quilt shop fabrics so I went to the and was able to find some inexpensive fabric and it was on sale too. I bought a few yards of each blue, pink and grey prints (no pictures of the pink fabrics) and started making the kits so all I had to do when I got to church was do a demo so they can see what I did and know how to cut the fabrics themselves. We're really short on time so a demo was best. 

This is the sample that I made before I left home. 

This is some old inexpensive Christmas fabrics I bought many years ago. I was going to cut out the poinsettias to applique onto a sweatshirt jacket, but it wasn't meant to be. It was meant to become this pillow ;-D This was the pillow I made while at church to show the girls how to sew the seams. I skipped the small accent piece to save some cutting time. Since we were short on time, I had to help the girls finish theirs because some of them didn't want to go home with an unfinished one. We could have had another session but they really wanted to use their pillowcase.

I found a simple tutorial online and changed a couple of things. There are many out there. You can find them under pillowcase tutorial or hot dog pillowcases. They're pretty much the same. You can modify it how you would like. Here's what I did:

Cuff: 9" x WOF
Accent: 2 1/2" x WOF
Body: 3/4 yard (27") x WOF

Use 1/4" seam unless otherwise noted.

I trimmed all the pieces to 42" to remove the selvedge. 
Fold the accent piece in half wrong sides together and press.
Place the cuff right side up.
Place the body right side up on top of the cuff, lining up raw edges.
Place the accent piece on top of the body piece, lining up the raw edges.
Place a few pins to hold all the layers in place.
Roll up the body from the bottom up towards the raw edges you've just pinned until you get half way onto the cuff piece. Leave as is.
Take the lower edge of the cuff piece and line up the raw edges that you've pinned. Make sure to keep all the layers together. At this point you're enclosing the large body piece. Sew the long edge closed.
Reach in through the opening and turn right side out. Press the cuff to get it nice and smooth.
Fold the pillow wrong sides together, sew along the side and bottom edge. Trim the corners.
Turn inside out. Sew 3/8" seam to enclose the raw edges. That's it :-)


Cindy said...

Pillowcases are always such a hit - and especially when you can make them yourself. What fun for everyone!

Great idea

JudyCinNC said...

My Golden Girls sewing group makes cases for ConKerr Cancer patients. What we found is that mothers and hospitals do not iron the cases and the little "flap" was never ironed down correctly. We altered the pattern so now we do not add the 2-1/2" folded over flap, but instead cut 1-1/4" accent and sew it to the cuff - proceed with the hot-dog mnethod so when completed the accent piece is sewn in and no longer a problem. Just wanted to share this wisdom with you in case you ever want to try it. Love your blog and all you do. Judy C in NC