Monday, October 1, 2012

Sidetracked and a New Accessory

I got sidetracked with organizing and moving things around so alot of the things I planned to finish had to wait. It sure feels nice to throw things out that have been sitting around for far too long. I still have to find a place for all my fabric scraps and weed through my craft cabinet which hasn't seen the light of day in a few years. 
Anywho...I signed up for Art Gallery Fabrics' Sept. challenge so with all the mess, I had to get the challenge project done. I mean I don't have to, but once I sign up for something I will get it done and done it is. This is my submission, a laptop sleeve with a pocket. I bought these fabrics a couple of years ago when my local quilt shop was having a huge sale. I bought yards and yards of it for some home sewing projects, but sadly did not get around to doing. I figured this is a great challenge because I need a laptop sleeve to protect my computer and I want a zippered closure to prevent any mishaps. The hardest part about this challenge was sitting down and drafting up my own pattern, not that I can't. It just takes me a while to think of something. I didn't want just a plain old sleeve with a pocket. I wanted to add some sort of quilting to it. I sketched many different ones and I finally settled on this design. I hope I win. It would be sew much fun to have some of their new fabrics to play with. 

I will be back this week with the final tutorials for the Homecoming Table Topper. Thanks for hanging in there with me while get my things in order :-)


Mara said...

Totally cute, I like it!

Sheila said...

Great laptop sleeve; I need one of these. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great week.

Laura said...

Very Pretty laptop sleeve!