Friday, October 12, 2012

Blog Truncating

I am going to be truncating my posts from now on. I hope you'll all stay with me through this change. I know that there are those out there that steals other peoples posts, ideas you name, but I found out today from Karen over at Sew Many Ways that there are computer robots out there that are programmed to just take (steal) your whole post and use it on their site for profit, so basically they are profitting from your hardwork. I love to share my creativity with you and so to prevent theft I am going to have to truncate all my posts. You just need to click one extra click where it says "Read More" and it will take you to the whole post.

Have a great weekend:-)


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Gosh I had no idea someone could do that! I wish they'd put their smarts to better use~ like figuring out how to end world hunger. :-/ Thanks for the info!

anorthowife said...

I've seen this happen to several blogs that I follow and it seems like truncating is the new normal for blogs. So don't worry - this reader isn't going anywhere! It should also up your page views, which is never a bad thing :)

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

I hate it when this happens I have read about it from my other fellow bloggers. I share allot of free patterns too, plus work i sell. You start to think if it is worth blogging.
Hope you sort things.

Mara said...

Ahha, I was wondering about that, no problem, I can click a mouse.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad to think that we've been brought to this. However, we absolutely do have to protect our words and images!