Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Simple Tote Bag

Here's my simple bag. I bought this fabric a long time ago to make myself an apron but never got around to it. I thought it would make a nice bag for my friend's roommate. Her name is Marty. She is an elderly lady and ended up in the rehab center due to her injuries. When I went to visit my friend a couple of weeks ago to give her a bag Marty mentioned that she wished she had a bag, any bag to put her belongings in when she can go home. I kept thinking about Marty so this week since my friend is well enough to go home I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to visit her one last time at the rehab center and give Marty this bag. 
Last night, I was figuring out the bag and measurements to cut. I wanted it big but not so big that she couldn't use it everyday if she chose. When I finished the bag, it came out taller than I had planned. This is what happens when I figure out things in my head and put it on paper. I never know how it's really going to turn out until I am done. Since it's taller than I had planned I make a large flower to accent the front of the bag. 

I don't know if Marty will use this bag after she gets home but I added a zippered pocket and two good size pockets on the inside to hold cell phones or other belongings secure.

I had some large leftover pieces so I whipped up a zipper pouch to go with the bag for Marty to take home any toiletries she may have. It's not a huge pouch but it'll hold little things and keep them organized.

I still have a bit more of the gum ball looking fabrics left. I'll have to figure something else to do with it so all the scraps will be used up. I think my simple tote bag is now a bit on the complicated side with the addition of the zippered pocket. I couldn't help myself :-D


Unknown said...

What a lovely bag and what a lovely thing to make for someone else. I am sure she will love it

The Slow Quilter said...

The bag looks great, love the zipper pocket.