Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Favorite Holiday Treats

Around this time of the year, I love to have two of my favorite holiday treats. We were introduced to Tim Tams by a friend of ours. You bite the ends and it acts as a straw then you stick it into your yummy Ghirardelli cocoa and sip the cocoa up through the ends of the Tim Tams. It's so yummy! You can go onto You Tube and search "Tim Tam Slam" and they have hilarious videos showing you how to eat it. My family uses cocoa since we don't drink coffee, but the videos have people using various hot drinks. We can only find Tim Tams at Target or the commissary, so if you haven't tried this yummy cookie, head on out and get some and give it a try. It's delicious! Be forewarned, it will melt in your hands if you don't pop it in your mouth quick enough.

Another thing I like during the holiday is pumpkin cheesecake. This cheesecake is so yummy, I don't know why I don't bake it year round. Wait, maybe because I will eat it all :-D

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