Monday, November 14, 2011

Dish Towels

Last weekend the ladies at church got together for Super Sat. to do some fun crafts. I wish I had brought my camera to take pictures of some of them. I signed up to do a cake plate but just didn't have time to go shop for the pieces so I will have to do that on my own at home. I taught the ladies how to make these dish towels. I had two samples, one with the ribbons and one with the rick racks. The rick racks were what they chose to do. I bought some fat quarter bundles for the ladies to choose from and matching rick racks. These are pretty easy to do. I am going to go buy some neutral/beige towels to make some for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe I can make these for quick gifts too since the holidays are just creeping up on me.


Laura said...

Very cute gift ideas.

Michelle said...

I like the ric rac...very cute!