Saturday, September 10, 2011

San Diego Quilt Show

I thought I wouldn't be able to go to the San Diego Quilt Show but at the last minute I was able to go for a couple of hours. That was all I needed to be able to check out all the wonderful quilts on display and playing with some of the quilting machines. I bought a yard of oil cloth to make a beach bag, a yard of vintage fabric and an applique book from Kay MacKenzie. I bought it because I saw the beautiful teapot wallhanging she displayed which you will see in the slideshow. 
  Here are the pictures I took. 

Edit: I had twice as many pictures but something happened when I created the slideshow and everything is out of order. I can't seem to access the other pictures on my computer to create a new slideshow and the photos get blurry when you click the full screen button for some reason. I'll have to look into it next time. I might have to sign up for a YouTube account. I've been trying to avoid it.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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