Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heaven Sent

We decided to go to Heaven Sent to have some desserts. We had tasted their desserts a few years ago when we attended a holiday event so we decided to venture out and have a treat. They are quite pricey(ok, for me they are pricey) so this definitely was a treat. Every bite was so YUMMY!!! 

They sell their cakes by the slice or whole is around $50. Hubby and our son each ordered a slice of this chocolate cake. 

Our little guy wanted me to take a picture of his slice with a bite on the fork. He thought it would make a nice picture.

One of our daughter loves strawberries so she ordered a slice of this cake called Strawberry Fraise. It has whipped topping and I can taste some coconut flavoring in the filling.

I ordered this cherry parfait by mistake. Our little guy wanted this at first but changed his mind to the chocolate cake and I forgot so now we have an extra dessert. 

Our daughter ordered this chocolate pistachio cupcake. I tasted the frosting and it was delicious.

This is my cupcake. It's got pomegranate frosting and I believe a pomegranate mousse filling. It was delicious. I haven't had a treat like this in months and I am sure it will be a long time before I eat another dessert.

Here's some pictures I took at the bakery with their display cases filled with their amazing desserts.

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Michelle said...

WOW! Those cakes look GOOD!!!

I'm a Baker Squares kind of gal...lol!