Saturday, April 2, 2011

Busy Busy

How's your day going? The kids are on Spring break and I've been busy working on my bags and finishing up the patterns for them. It's busy, but fun. Before all this happened, I was working on a quilt.

I used some 2 1/2" squares Michelle sent me to make this cup cozy.

I am still trying to use up my 30's reproduction prints I've had for over 10 years now. I've been using up quite a bit of it, but the scraps don't seem to go away. I used the small scrap pieces to put these blocks together. I managed to put together a small quilt, but than I decided I wanted it bigger, so I set it aside while I think about it. I probably won't be able to get it done for a while. I've got to finish all the bag patterns that I've made.
Have a great weekend!

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Zoechaos said...

Gorgeous stitching its something i find especially hard and always admire and respect those of you who are so talented. The foam cup cuff is wonderful and so useful. XOXO Zoe