Saturday, March 19, 2011

Brown Bag Challenge

I signed up to participate in the Brown Bag Quilt Contest a few months ago. You would exchange fabrics with the quilter you're assigned to. Basically it's the fabrics that you think are not pretty and don't want anymore. The total to send is 2 yards. I received these fabrics from Lyn in the UK. I think these fabrics are nice. I just couldn't figure out what to do with it so I FINALLY broke out my Accuquilt GO and cut some tumbler blocks to make a scrappy tumbler quilt. I used up all but half yard of the fabrics sent to me. The fabric I didn't use were heart block prints. It's pretty but wouldn't do in this quilt, too much pastel. I replaced that half yard with a blue batik from my stash.

Here I laid out the blocks to see how I like it.

This is the quilt all pieced.


quiltma said...

Love it. You should be proud.

Michelle said...

Those fabrics look really nice together!

liniecat said...

Nice to see what you did with the fabrics. I guess they didnt inspire you as much as I'd hoped, but must admit they tumble well together as youve used them.
I have still to use the fabrics you sent to me too, commitments got in the way, rather than that I didnt like them though lol