Monday, February 7, 2011

Oven Mitt Tutorial

I have been needing to make new oven mitts since one of our kiddos sort of burnt the ones we had. I came home and I found the burned ones on the counter. It was kind of funny, there's huge holes on the sides of both oven mitts. I've finally gotten around to making new ones and thought I would share the tutorial with you. I was so happy I finally felt better after being under the weather for so long and getting back to sewing that I was just going to town cutting out all my pieces. Well, you should quilt all your layers together before cutting out your oven mitt. It will make life easier if you quilt everything before you cut out the mitts to put them together. The direction below is on how I did it.

Oven Mitt Tutorial
By Kim Sherrod


This will make two oven mitts.

1/3 yard main fabric
1/3 yard lining fabric
1/3 yard or scraps of batting to fit your oven mitt
1/3 yard Insul-Brite (you can find this at Joann's)
Cut 1 strip 2 1/2 x width of fabric from your main fabric or lining fabric for binding and loop.
Cardstock or heavy plastic template to create oven mitt template

1) Take cardstock or template plastic or your old oven mitt will do. Trace your oven mitt or take your hands and spread them out a little bit, trace around the outside of your hands. Go back and draw another line roughly 1" larger. This will give you your seam allowance plus some moving room. If hubby's hands are really big, use his hands.

2) Using your template, cut out your pieces. You will need 4 main fabric, 4 lining fabric, 4 batting and 4 insul-brite pieces.

3) Here's all your pieces cut out. You have your oven mitt pieces, binding and loop. Ignore the white strips of batting on the right side. That was a mistake, you won't need it.

4) Layer your pieces, from botton to top, lining, insul-brite, batting and main fabric. Quilt as desired.
Note my message at top: Quilt all pieces before cutting out your pattern.

Here they are all quilted.
5) Take your 2 1/2" strip and fold in half wrong sides together, press with hot iron. Unfold and you have a center crease. Take your long sides and fold edges to center of crease, press. Now fold in half and you have created your binding strip.
Take the strip and your oven mitt, place over top raw edge of oven mitt and sew in place. This creates your finished edge. Trim off excess and repeat for all oven mitt pieces.
You can add some stiffness to the binding and loop by cutting a piece of interfacing and ironing it onto the wrong side of the strip. This is optional.

Cut 2 - 6 1/2" pieces from remaining binding strip. Fold in half and place at an angle on the back side of the oven mitt. Sew in place. Do same for your second oven mitt.
Place your oven mitt pieces right sides together and sew along all sides, except top opening. That's it, you're done! Enjoy your new oven mitts.

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BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Great Tutorial! Thanks...I think I'll give it a try soon!