Friday, January 21, 2011

Re-Cycled Pouch

Our little guy asked me to make him a grey pouch with loops for him to wear around his waist. He likes to make origami projects so it was something for him to put them in. I don't have grey fabrics so as he was cleaning out his old clothes, he came across a pair of grey knitted pj pants that no longer fits him. The fabric was nice and thick so I made a pattern for the pouch and put it together. It is fully lined and he loves the fact that he can slide his belt through the back loops and wear around his waist.

I bought this pattern because I was supposed to make it for my daughter to go to her friends masquerade ball. I ended up not being able to sew this gown because we had to go away so she wasn't able to go to the party. I think I will make the top for Halloween this year.

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Jennifer Gail said...

That was a good ideal.