Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quilting Journey

Kelly over at Cotton Charm Quilts talked about her wonderful quilting journey and asked the Charming Girls to do the same. Here's my story:
I had always been fascinated with handmade quilts so when my son was born 10 years ago and hubby was finally able to be home I decided it was time for me to learn how to quilt. I started by making a log cabin quilt. It was supposed to be a twin size, but was I wrong because by the time I was done, it was a queen size. Now, how did that happen? Here's a part of the quilt. As you can see, I love 30's reproduction fabrics back then and still do today.

I have enjoyed sewing and quilting for the last 10 years. I love looking at all the new designs that comes out. There's so many wonderful designers out there coming up with new products and ideas all the time.
2009 I joined the Charming Girls Quilt Club. I have enjoyed being a part of this club. It helps me to set my quilting goals so I can get some quilting done and the ladies are wonderful and so creative.
2010 I finally decided to sell my patterns. I don't know where this will take me at the moment but it's fun coming up with my own patterns.
That about wraps up my quilting journey.


Michelle said...

I really like the colors you used for your first quilt!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Wow - look how far you've come in ten years, Kim! I love your first quilt (wish my first quilt turned out so lovely)! And, it's so exciting that you're selling your own patterns! Thank you so much for sharing with us, Kim!