Friday, May 14, 2010

Hourglass Quilt

I just got my antique sewing machine back today! YEAH!!! Here's a little story about me picking up my sewing machine. I received a call from Francis, the repair shop owner, telling me my machine is ready. I was getting ready to leave and something told me to grab my checkbook. I went out the door without it and I was minutes from the shop I remembered I didn't have my checkbook. We always have a little chat whenever I go in to see her. I looked at my machine. I told her I forgot my checkbook and asked if she takes debit cards, she said she's too old to deal with those paperworks. I then asked if there was an atm machine nearby so I can get cash out to pay her. She says to me, "Honey, you just take the machine and come back to pay me later." I was so touched that she trust me enough to do that. She says she doesn't do it for just anybody and not to worry she won't lose sleep over it. I told her I'll be back tomorrow after I pick up my kids from school. I am going to be sad to see her move when they have to vacate the building since the city wants to take over the whole strip, kick all the businesses out to build low income housing because it's a few feet from the trolley. It will be good for her though. She will move to Hawaii and retire there to help her daughter with the cat plantation. She's the nicest lady it will be good for her to retire and enjoy the beautiful Hawaii weather.
I am going to hurry up and get all my projects I've cut up done before anything else happens. This is one of my quilts I made using 30's reproduction prints. As you can see from the fold lines, it's been sitting in my cabinet for a while. We have never used this quilt. I went to a yard sale with my friend a couple of weeks ago and found the perfect rack to display my quilts. I haven't gotten around to painting it so will have to show you all later.


Dandelion Quilts said...

I really like your quilt...great points.

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Lovely quilt. But I am glad you have a sewing machine now, what a lovely lady too let you do this. Julie.C