Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crochet Floral Hot Pad

How about a crochet hot pad to share today? I was looking at Creative Jewish Mom's website and saw a crochet hot pad she made. She directed viewers to the pattern for it. I found it at Free Craft Unlimited. I did pretty well until I got to the part where it says to fold the petals. See my first picture? I couldn't get it to fold right. Finally my husband tried it, still not quite right. I almost gave up folding, but then I just decided to flip the petals around instead of folding like the pattern says. It worked! If you go check it out and look at the picture in the pattern, the fold is not going in the same direction as mine. I am left handed and sometimes things turn out the opposite way.

This is how it's supposed to be folded, but I must be missing something, because it's not quite as full as the picture in the pattern. I'll have to try again later to see how it turns out.


free indeed said...

I have that pattern earmarked somewhere too. It is a very pretty pattern. Thanks for reminding me about it. Maybe this week....

Dee said... this pattern! Thanks for sharing!